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Domain Reputation API: Analyze the infrastructure of domains or IP addresses at scale via API calls

Audit domains or IP addresses in relation to their WHOIS records, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) configuration, mail exchanger (MX) and name server (NS) configurations, and dozens of other parameters. Our bulk infrastructure checks allow making as many as 15 requests per second.

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The API performs several domain infrastructure analyses, including:

  • WHOIS Domain Check

    Domain Reputation API accesses an extensive repository of WHOIS records and lets you know if the domain’s registrant contact details are redacted or publicly available. It also analyzes its registrant country and checks if it is considered offshore.

  • MX Record Configuration Analysis

    The tool analyzes main infrastructure servers, including MX records. It checks several parameters, such as Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) settings.

  • SSL Vulnerability Check

    The tool analyzes the domain’s SSL configurations. It warns you if any parameter is not up to standards, including HTTP Strict Transport Security, TLS Authentication (TLSA), and Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) stapling.

  • NS Record Configuration Tests

    NS is another infrastructure server Domain Reputation API analyzes. The tool warns you if configurations do not meet best practices.

  • SSL Certificate Validity

    Domain Reputation API checks the domain’s SSL certificate and informs you if it is invalid or has expired.

  • Malware Database Check

    Domain Reputation API scans various malware engines to look for the Internet asset. If found, the tool lets you know so you can avoid accessing the malicious property.

Why Use Domain Reputation API?

  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Analyses

    The API considers dozens of infrastructure-related parameters vital to a domain’s or an IP address’s safety and security.

  • Forewarned Is Forearmed

    With Domain Reputation API, you know which domains to block or restrict. You can implement stricter rules by including other web properties connected to suspicious or malicious domains.

  • Instant Risk Assessment

    Integrating Domain Reputation API into your systems means immediately seeing if you’re interacting with a suspicious or malicious web property.

Practical Usage

  • Enterprise-Grade Security

    A prognostic API that assesses a domain’s reputation through in-depth infrastructure analyses can protect you from potentially dangerous domains.

  • Forensic Investigation Enhancement

    Results of the infrastructure analyses performed allow individuals or automatic security systems to decide whether to allow or deny a connection.

  • E-Commerce and Online Banking Protection

    Banks, payment processors, and many e-commerce systems can monitor potentially hazardous domains to fend off mishaps and secure against losses.

  • SEO and Digital Marketing

    Identify key points when conducting online advertising campaigns and optimize your marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) costs.

  • Registrar and Domain Investment

    Users can continuously monitor web resources. They also get the best business opportunities and prevent possible financial losses.

  • Telecommunications, Internet, and Streaming Service Provision

    Filter access based on the results of domain infrastructure analyses for certain user groups, parental control, and compliance with specific laws and regulations.

Still unsure about the benefits of domain reputation checking? Read our case study Check a Website’s Reputation for Content Filtering

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Domain Reputation API

Get 50 free API requests. No credit card required.

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API access through WhoisXMLAPI can be purchased as an annual subscription. The access pricing is based on the number of queries, which is measured monthly with per-minute rate limits. The pricing structure gives predictability to business planning and solution architecture.

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