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Domain Reputation Lookup lets you score a website’s domain or an IP address right away

Determine if a domain or an IP address is safe to access in a matter of seconds with a report that accounts for 100+ parameters, including checks on reliable security intelligence.

Domain Reputation Lookup

Domain Reputation Lookup lets you check:

  • If a domain or IP address should be treated with caution based on a citation on one or more malware data feeds.

  • If the domain’s most recent WHOIS record is redacted and/or registered in an offshore country.

  • If the domain’s Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate has been recently obtained.

  • If the domain or IP address has exploitable SSL vulnerabilities.

  • … and more.


  • Prompt risk analysis

    We give reputation scores on the spot to help users quickly assess the nature of a domain or an IP address and the risks it may present.

  • A simple score

    Domain names and IP addresses receive a reputation score that ranges from 0 (interpretable as “high risk”) to 100 (interpretable as “low risk”).

  • Shareable report

    Share domain reputation analyses right away with colleagues and partners using a custom report URL.

Practical usage



  • Consider whether or not to grant access to your or someone else’s network based on the reputation of an IP address or domain.
  • Managed detection and response (MDR) firms and security solution providers can check if Domain Reputation Lookup meets their needs before proceeding with API integration.

Law enforcement

  • Investigators can use Domain Reputation Lookup as a starting point to identify low-scoring domains and IP addresses worth investigating further.
Law Enforcement


  • Check if a domain name is a worthy investment and has not been flagged as malicious.
  • Avoid connections to low-scoring websites as part of your SEO and marketing strategies.
Domain Reputation Lookup | WhoisXML API

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