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Domain Reputation Lookup: Check the infrastructure of a domain or an IP address

Easily check a domain's or an IP address's infrastructure for vulnerabilities and warnings for 100+ parameters. Test our lookup now. Download our product sheet to learn more.

Domain Reputation Lookup Checks:

  • WHOIS Records

    Domain Reputation Lookup checks if a domain’s most recent WHOIS record is redacted and if it was registered in an offshore country.

  • Malicious Usage

    Domain Reputation Lookup checks if the domain has been reported as malicious on various malware databases.

  • SSL Certificate Validity

    The tool analyzes the domain’s Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to see if they are valid or expired.

  • SSL Vulnerabilities

    Domain Reputation Lookup warns you of any SSL vulnerabilities that threat actors can exploit, including configurations related to HTTP Strict Transport Security and TLS Authentication (TLSA).

Benefits of Domain Reputation Lookup

  • Thorough Infrastructure Analyses

    Domain Reputation Lookup takes into account more than a hundred factors when analyzing a domain’s or an IP address’s infrastructure.

  • Shareable Report

    Immediately share domain reputation analyses with colleagues and partners using custom report URLs.

  • Data-Driven Risk Assessment

    Determine how risky a web property is based on the WHOIS and DNS intelligence provided by the lookup result.

Practical usage



  • Decide to grant or not to grant an IP address or a domain access to your or someone else’s network based on the warnings provided by Domain Reputation Lookup.
  • Managed detection and response (MDR) firms and security solution providers can test Domain Reputation Lookup before proceeding with API integration.

Law enforcement

  • Use Domain Reputation Lookup can serve as a starting point in identifying suspicious domains and IP addresses worth further investigating.
Law Enforcement


  • Use Domain Reputation Lookup to intensify risk analyses of third-parties’ digital infrastructures.
  • Check if a domain name is a worthy investment and has not been flagged as malicious.
  • Avoid connections to vulnerable websites as part of your search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing strategies.
Domain Reputation Lookup | WhoisXML API

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