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Making requests

Evaluate a domain's or IP address reputation based on numerous security data sources as well as on an instant host's audit procedure. For a given domain name or IP address, collect and evaluate over hundreds of parameters and calculate the resulting reputation score.

It takes up to a minute to activate your account after the registration.

Input parameters


Required. Get your personal API KEY on the My products page.


Required. The target domain name or IPv4 address.


Optional. API can check your domain in 2 modes: 'fast' - Only select codes will run—i.e., 62 WHOIS Domain status, 82 Malware Databases check, 87 SSL certificate validity, and 93 WHOIS Domain check—while other tests and data collectors will be disabled. 'full' - all the data and the tests will be processed.

Acceptable values: fast (1 credit) | full (3 credits)

Default: fast


Optional. Response output format.

Acceptable values: JSON | XML

Default: JSON

Free access

After Sign Up you automatically get a free subscription plan limited to 50 queries.

Usage limits and requests throttling

The maximum number of requests per second is 15. In case that the limit is breached, your subsequent requests will be rejected until the next second.

This API is also available with a dedicated load balancer and premium endpoint to enable faster querying as part of our Premium API Services and Enterprise API Packages.